Slimwave and Infrared Blanket

Slimwave is an innovative personalized "high revs" therapy which is designed to enhance blood flow and stimulate circulation.   You can get excellent results in any problem area of your body at your request!

Improve Skin Texture

Weight loss

Enhance blood flow

Slimwave and Infrared Blanket

The Slimwave device has a general strengthening effect on the body, due to lymphatic drainage massage with heating.

Additionally, you can undergo an electromyostimulation procedure, which contributes to a faster shaping of body contours and fights cellulite. Slimwave effectively fights edema, removes excess fluid from the body, relieves muscle spasms, improves skin tone and structure.
Procedures on the Slimwave are ideally combined with Infratherapy, lipomassage, body wraps. To enhance weight loss and detoxification process we wrap you up in a blanket applying infrared energy and creating a sauna effect.