Diode Laser IPL Treatments

Diode Laser IPL 808 can significantly improve your complexion, smooth and brighten your skin, safely remove various pigmentation and other skin defects, not to mention it works miracles in hair removal procedures. You can use it all year round! Learn more and book your first Diode Laser IPL 808 session!

Diode Laser IPL Treatments

Laser hair removal is the most comfortable and effective method for removing hair from any parts of the body. But lasers are not only a modern method of hair removal, but also a great way to renew the skin, remove minor flaws and imperfections such as pigmentation, redness, acne and its consequences.

Diode Laser IPL 808 nm by Alpha is an  ultimate hair removal solution, delivering outstanding results with unmatched comfort for all skin types and a powerful skin renewal treatment. Alpha combines  808nm diode laser and 3D IPL technologies thus allowing a wide range of usage such as laser hair removal, pigmentation and acne elimination, IPL photorejuvenation.
IPL Laser returns skin radiance, elasticity and youthful tone, removes signs of fatigue, vascular/rosacea/skin redness, tightens saggy lines. Light pulses are absorbed into the skin, eliminating the bacteria that causes acne, cauterizing  the blood vessels,  reducing vascular lesions. Laser exposure is absolutely safe, it does not affect the structure of lipids and nucleic acids, the level of hormones, or internal organs.


Diode Laser IPL 808 nm by Alpha 3 in 1 can return your skin its youthful healthy glow affecting its epidermis and boosting metabolism and natural collagen production. It is painless and safe with immediate visible results! Still not convinced? Check how it works and book consultation now!