SkeynDor Body Remodelling treatment

Boost your skin firmness with  SkeynDor Body Remodelling treatment! Red LED light is a non-invasive method to stimulate your natural proteiт production and smooth your skin, reimbursing its texture and elasticity.

Visible results in just 3 weeks

We recommend 12 sessions (6 weeks) for optimal results. Reduction through 12 sessions

SkeynDor Body Remodelling

A special  substance called Cosmetic Drone will help the active ingredients to reach their target and intensify LED light effect. Body contouring has never been this effortless!

To obtain a better remodeling effect SkeynDor Body Remodelling treatment with red LED light latest-generation equipment is simultaneously combined with the action of a cosmetic active ingredient (LED photostimulator), Cosmetic Drone with a navigation system will  target fat cells and you will achieve your perfect shape with minimum effort!
Skeyn Body Remodelling treatment works miracles for remodeling, slimming, draining, firming, defining muscles and fighting cellulite.