LPG Endermologie weight loss Cellulite reduction

LPG Endermologie weight loss procedure also known as lipomassage helps you lose weight and tighten your skin without surgical treatment. LPG massage increases lymphatic circulation and thus fights cellulite and promotes detoxification.


After 3 sessions: 71% of women reported an improvement in their skin firmness*

-5.2 cm Fat Reduction

After 12 sessions: Waistline loss measured up to -5.2 cm

67% Cellulite Smoothed

After 3 sessions: 67% of women reported a smoothed orange peel skin

What is LPG Endermologie Body?

More than just a treatment, it is a lifestyle adopted by women for over 30 years. Developed in France, endermologie® is the beauty/health /anti-aging secret of many celebrities around the world, who are in demand of visible results as well as high safety levels of the procedure.

LPG massage has a powerful effect on soft tissues, which is based on vacuum-roller technology. Today it is one of the most popular methods in instrumental cosmetology. The wild popularity of LPG sessions is completely deserved. Based on the criteria of effectiveness, speed and availability, the advantages of LPG massage compared to other types of body shaping procedures are undeniable.
The effectiveness of LPG can be compared with liposuction, but unlike it, there is no surgical intervention, so  the procedure is completely painless and safe. Compared to manual anti-cellulite massage, LPG is much more productive due to the triple effect and requires fewer sessions to achieve the goal.