What is the best time to start your hair removal sessions? Hint: NOW!

December 10, 2022

The best and shortest way to get rid of facial and body hair and achieve the desired smooth and velvety skin is laser hair removal. It is widely believed that laser hair removal can only be performed during a certain season of the year. Let’s see how laser works and when it is more efficient, safe and comfortable to perform laser hair removal sessions.

How does laser hair removal work?

The laser beam passes through the hair shaft, heating the cells containing melanin  on its way and destroying hair follicles as the result. If the laser is good, the skin heats up a little and cools down quickly, but is never damaged. Loss of body hair happens gradually, the effect can last several years and even more - Diode Laser IPL 808 nm by Alpha can remove the hair forever. Please note that laser hair removal affects hairs 3-5 mm long (that is, you need to grow them out a bit), and they should be clearly visible on your skin. Very short hairs, and especially those hidden under the skin, do not get under the beam, and an additional session will be needed to remove them.

It is assumed that another guarantee of smooth skin without any unwanted hair is a good contrast of the skin and hair, as melanin must absorb laser radiation in order for the follicle to be removed. Apparently, heavy tan and laser depilation are a bad match as there is a risk of hypopigmentation - white spots on laser-affected areas. However, the success of the procedure also depends on the type of laser - modern Diode Laser IPL 808 nm by Alpha  allows you to remove hair of any type, color and thickness, even on tanned skin.

Procedures can be done all year round but, however, autumn and winter are considered the best time for laser hair removal due to: 

  • less tan
  • more natural skin color
  • more contrast between skin and hair.

Laser hair removal in autumn 

In fact, autumn and winter are the best times for laser hair removal. The tan disappears, the skin regains its natural shade, the contrast between skin color and hair color increases, which tops the effectiveness of the procedure. You can safely grow your hair without any discomfort as skin is mainly covered with clothes in autumn. And one more thing you should know - not all hairs disappear immediately after the first  laser hair removal session, some fall out later, so autumn sweaters and trousers might again come in handy.

Why is Diode Laser IPL 808 nm by Alpha 3 in 1 so popular with our clients?

  • high efficiency
  • the procedure is practically painless
  • suitable for all people with any hair and skin color, men and women
  • regular sessions give excellent stable long-lasting results
  • no ingrown hairs
  • reasonable cost. And just imagine the money you’ll save on razors and depilatory creams and other temporary means of hair removal
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