Diode Laser IPL 808 nm by Alpha 3 in 1: One device to solve 4 problems.

October 4, 2022

By combining 808nm diode laser & 3D IPL technologies in a single system, Alpha allows for completely customized hair removal and skin revitalization treatments for the broadest spectrum of skin and hair types. 

Due to the wide range of wavelengths, Alpha  Diode Laser IPL 808 nm is applicable both as equipment for hair removal and in cosmetology for the treatment of vascular pathologies and rejuvenation. Diode laser energy can be absorbed by both melanin and hemoglobin. In addition, the laser beam has a bactericidal and repair-stimulating effect, which allows Alpha  Diode Laser  to amazingly perform  in the treatment of acne, skin rejuvenation, and the elimination of minor pigmentation.

Hair removal

Diode Laser IPL 808 nm by Alpha  is designed to work with all types of hair. However, it shows the greatest results when removing pigmented hair. The pigment melanin absorbs laser energy, thus making the hair shaft and bulb amenable to thermal action, which is followed by hair "death". The course of epilation on a diode laser allows you to achieve almost absolute elimination of unwanted hairs.

Why Diode Laser IPL 808 nm by Alpha  

  • Total elimination of unwanted hair
  • Skin rejuvenation in the treated area as a bonus to the destruction of hair follicles.
  • A relatively short course for complete hair removal (6-8 sessions).
  • Non-traumatic effect on the skin (no burns or redness left)
  • Short sessions


Diode Laser IPL 808 nm by Alpha  has proved quite efficient in  removing pigmentation and vascular pathologies.

The elimination of the pigment occurs as a result of the absorption of the laser light energy. Then, as a result of a chemical reaction, the treated area is heated (photothermolysis) and melanin (pigment) is destroyed. Melanin is removed from the skin as a result of its natural renewal. Only benign pigmented lesions are suitable for laser treatment, such as sun or senile freckles (lentigo), diffuse pigmentation.


Alpha Diode Laser IPL 808  can subject skin to controlled thermal effect of laser light energy without damaging the epidermis, only affecting  its surface layer. Warming up the skin, the pulse energy significantly improves microcirculation and metabolism, stimulates the formation of new collagen and elastin and  boosts the natural metabolic processes of skin cells. As a result the production of collagen is activated, which will continue to be synthesized for several months after the treatment, giving rise to a long and growing effect of eliminating signs of age-related skin changes.


  • No damage and rehabilitation period
  • Safe and painless sessions due to the cooling system
  • Can be combined with any other cosmetic procedures, such as facials, mesotherapy, peeling, and other types of professional care
  • Increasing positive effect for several more months
  • Method has clinically proven effectiveness and is approved by the international association FDA

Vessels and vascular pathologies

The diode laser is most effective in the treatment of superficial spider veins and other vascular pathologies. The principle of laser coagulation of blood vessels, with a Diode Laser IPL 808  by Alpha, consists in sequential gluing of the inner walls of the vessel, followed by expulsion of blood from it. The procedure is virtually painless and local anesthesia is used only when absolutely necessary.


Diode Laser IPL 808 by Alpha thermal effect has proved itself extremely efficient in acne treatment. Penetrating under the skin, it normalizes the production of sebum and simultaneously destroys the bacteria betheath the skin which prevents new pimples from forming.

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